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What would you do if you ordered a pizza and when you got the pizza you saw that it was made out of hate? Well in Ohio a couple ordered a pizza from Little Caesars and when they opened the box there was a swastika made out of pepperoni. At first the couple was confused […]

Verizon is moving advertising money away from Facebook. In hopes that the social media company will do more to stop racism being shared. One of the world’s biggest cell phone companies is part of a boycott organized by civil rights groups under the rallying cry of “#StopHateforProfit.” “We have strict content policies in place and […]

Bubba Wallace, NASCAR’s only Black driver, led the race for the removal of the confederate flag at NASCAR events. Last week, a federal investigation was launched to determine if a noose that was found in the #43 garage was left there on purpose. The FBI has reported back, saying that they have found photographic evidence […]

A Baltimore restaurant had to apologize to a black mother after her nine-year-old son was being denied service because of the way the boy was dressed. What made the mom Question the  Restaurant’s dress code policy because there was a little white boy around the same age as the black boy with the same type […]

Everybody knows Quaker Oats & the Aunt Jemima pancakes brand. The company announced Wednesday that they’re changing the name and image of the brand. For the last 130 years the brand featured a Black woman named Aunt Jemima who is dressed like a minstrel show character. The company said “they recognized that the origins are […]

Have you seen July 64′? It is a documentary of the race riots in Rochester, NY from July 24 – 26 1964. What set off the riots is the arrest of then 19 year old Randy Manigault for public intoxication. He was at a block party on Nassau in the seventh ward. News of his […]

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June 15, 2020

click here“I understand that I do not understand. But I will stand with you.”

The NFL is pledging $250 million over 10-years to ‘combat systemic racism’. The NFL is also committed to collaborating with players to determine new paths forward in support of programs to address criminal justice reform. As well as police reform, and economic/educational advancement of underprivileged communities. Plus, the NFL intends to leverage its media properties, […]

The Urban League of Rochester would like your help and support with a new movement. Join thousands of individuals in the community to address systemic racism, equity, and power with Interrupt Racism. Interrupt Racism is a collective impact equity platform. What this means is that, rather than presume the Urban League can effectively move the […]

I don’t eat Ben & Jerry’s ice cream but I will now! Ben & Jerry’s came through with a message on white supremacy. As a matter of fact, one of the most honest and best statements I think any corporation has released during this time. It was direct, inclusive, and very detailed. The ice cream […]

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