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July ’64 The Documentary Of Rochester’s Race Riots

Written by on June 16, 2020

Have you seen July 64′?

It is a documentary of the race riots in Rochester, NY from July 24 – 26 1964. What set off the riots is the arrest of then 19 year old Randy Manigault for public intoxication. He was at a block party on Nassau in the seventh ward. News of his arrest spread and about 400 people began to riot on Joseph Ave.

The riots went on for three days and two nights. The last day of the riots Governor Nelson Rockefeller called in the National Guard and it was the first time for a northern city. That same day a helicopter surveying the damage crashed into a home on Clarissa St. killing three people.

In the documentary Trent Jackson speaks on his experiences during the riots. David Gantt, Chuck Mangione, Constance Mitchell and others share their experiences as well.

Check it out if haven’t.

There is a lot of history in this documentary, you will definitely learn something you didn’t know about Rochester. For example, Rochester was the last city in the state to get public housing.

The mindset, the culture of systemic racism and white privilege is deeply rooted as you will see in this documentary. Pay attention.

Know your history or you will be destined to repeat it.

Knowledge is power – BE FULL OF POWER!

July ’64 by Carvin Eison and Chris Christopher

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