One of the dating trends of 2023 is ‘penny dating’ and could it be one of the most toxic of them all. According to Indy100, this involves putting in maximum effort with a woman in the initial stages of the relationship, only to decrease this effort over time as the relationship progresses. The idea is you remove […]

Ladies when it comes to dating do you have a “List”? Most ladies have a dating wish list highlighting their future partner’s positive characteristics and physical appearance. You know, one that includes their desirable man being intelligent, funny, conversationalist, romantic, attentive, family-orientated, driven, and faithful. He has to be at least six feet tall, with a toffee complexion, […]

The actress that played  Molly Carter in “Insecure,” has never had sex in real life. Yvonne Orjiis waiting until marriage due to her faith, but is ready for a relationship with a “good” man. Orji has been open about her virginity for years, and said in a 2017 TEDx talk on the subject that she is waiting […]

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