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Have You Heard Of Penny Dating? It Maybe The Most Toxic Dating Trend This Year

Written by on November 22, 2023

One of the dating trends of 2023 is ‘penny dating’ and could it be one of the most toxic of them all. According to Indy100, this involves putting in maximum effort with a woman in the initial stages of the relationship, only to decrease this effort over time as the relationship progresses. The idea is you remove your effort in a way that the woman doesn’t notice you’re pulling away from making an effort with her accepting the bare minimum as the best outcome. For instance, you begin by putting in 100 per cent effort, then you lower this to 90 per cent before slightly raising it back up to 95 per cent – this will make the woman feel she’s gained an extra five per cent effort when in reality you’ve actually removed five per cent.

Source: Indy100


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