One of the dating trends of 2023 is ‘penny dating’ and could it be one of the most toxic of them all. According to Indy100, this involves putting in maximum effort with a woman in the initial stages of the relationship, only to decrease this effort over time as the relationship progresses. The idea is you remove […]

I saw an article about swapping keys with the person you’re in a relationship with. If you and your significant other live in 2 separate locations would you give them full access to your home? I think if the relationship is long-term I’m open to the discussion but would still have to think about it, because now […]

There is this article in Forbes that I agree with from my experiences and it has to do 3 specific personality types. In the article it lists the 3 personality types you should create boundaries with or if you can keep a healthy distance from them. Sometimes these individuals might be people you work with […]

Do you work with or know people that are insecure or difficult to work with? If you answered yes well there are ways you can deal with those individuals according to an article from CNBC. There are seven signs to watch for highly insecure people and ways you can deal with them. Here are the seven […]

So there is this device that will allow you to kiss your partner when they are not in the same place as you are. Yes, you read this right you can kiss your partner when they are across the world. The device allows users to maintain intimacy in long distant relationships. It is a remote […]

A study published by Harvard that took 85 years and over 700 participants shows the number 1 thing that makes us human happy and promotes longevity. Do you want to take a good guess on what that is? And no it is NOT money or even anything tangible. Done guessing? Its ‘Social Fitness’! Yep, healthy […]

A man from Singapore filed 2 lawsuits against a woman for $3 million and $22 thousand dollars because she placed him in the friend zone. Reports say the two first met back in 2016 And became friends soon after in.  2020 their relationship changed when the woman called him a friend and he thought of […]

New Year, New Relationship for Lori Harvey! Harvey and Snowfall star Damson Idris have made their relationship Instagram official amid her 26th birthday. Idris shared a photo of himself giving Harvey a kiss on the cheek. “Happy Birthday Nunu,” Idris captioned the Instagram Story on Friday, January 13. Lori shared his romantic tribute via her social media account, including […]

Yo Gotti and Angela Simmons made their relationship official on Instagram. The two celebrities scrubbed all their previous 2022 IG photos and posted content of themselves celebrating the new year together. On Gotti’s IG, he posted a video featuring Angela in a lavish black dress and evening gloves with diamond-encrusted accessories glistening on her fingers. As Lil Baby and Fridayy’s “Forever” plays in […]

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November 18, 2022

Planning of dating again in 2023? Get ready for some new trends. Bumble has released their annual predictions for what we can expect in the new year. Emotional needs are high on people’s list of priorities. Relationship priorities have shifted, with people looking for vulnerability and mindfulness. Sober (curious) dating, Winter Coating has emerged as […]

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