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3 Personality Types You Should Keep Away From

Written by on March 14, 2023

There is this article in Forbes that I agree with from my experiences and it has to do 3 specific personality types.

In the article it lists the 3 personality types you should create boundaries with or if you can keep a healthy distance from them. Sometimes these individuals might be people you work with or family so it may be difficult to not be around them. If that is the case then you should be aware of them and their behavior so you can better deal with them.

The first one is investing your time and energy into a person who is emotionally unavailable. Speaking from experience this personality type will drain you to the point that you may lose yourself in that process.

This personality type is one of the most destructive in relationships because the more you give them, the more they distance themselves from you emotionally. This could lead to you feeling disconnected, dissatisfied, low self-esteem, and stress or depression. Remember it takes two to make the relationship work so you BOTH must commit to doing that work.

The second one is the non-apologizers… whew! Yep, experienced this one too.

The non-apologizer is a person who does not apologize or finds it difficult to acknowledge and own up to their own behavior. Apologizing is a critical component to healthy relationships because it shows genuine care for the receiver of the mistake.

Some non-apologizers are not aware of their behavior and how inconsiderate it is for you so calling them out on it could help. If you do call them out and they still do not apologize and they are aware of what they have done it may be time for you to leave the relationship.

Last but not least status-seekers. People who value the connections you have or what you have because it serves some immediate benefit for them. With this type of person the relationship will become lopsided and pretty much stay that way until you no longer serve them and their needs.

Remember it is not selfish to take care of you and your well being first.

Source: Forbes

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