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FBI Investigation On #43 NASCAR Garage Finds No Hate Crime

Written by on June 25, 2020

Bubba Wallace, NASCAR’s only Black driver, led the race for the removal of the confederate flag at NASCAR events.

Last week, a federal investigation was launched to determine if a noose that was found in the #43 garage was left there on purpose.

The FBI has reported back, saying that they have found photographic evidence that the noose had been used as a garage door pull rope and had been hanging in the garage since last October, before the #43 team’s arrival and garage assignment.

NASCAR’s president Steve Phelps addressed the event, saying:

“I do want to make sure everyone understands that if given the evidence that we had was delivered to us [Sunday] night or [Sunday] afternoon, we would do the same thing. We would have done the same investigation. It was important for us to do. There is no place in our sport for this type of racism or hatred. It’s not part of who we are as a sport.”

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