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The NFL is pledging $250 million over 10-years to ‘combat systemic racism’. The NFL is also committed to collaborating with players to determine new paths forward in support of programs to address criminal justice reform. As well as police reform, and economic/educational advancement of underprivileged communities. Plus, the NFL intends to leverage its media properties, […]

The Urban League of Rochester would like your help and support with a new movement. Join thousands of individuals in the community to address systemic racism, equity, and power with Interrupt Racism. Interrupt Racism is a collective impact equity platform. What this means is that, rather than presume the Urban League can effectively move the […]

I don’t eat Ben & Jerry’s ice cream but I will now! Ben & Jerry’s came through with a message on white supremacy. As a matter of fact, one of the most honest and best statements I think any corporation has released during this time. It was direct, inclusive, and very detailed. The ice cream […]

As a radio personality you have a responsibility to the community you serve each time you turn the microphone on. Especially, during sensitive times you must be mindful of the words you use. That was not the case with 95.1 radio host Kimberly and Beck who used racist rhetoric. As a result, they have been […]

CNN and Sesame Street are collaborating to host a 60-minute town hall special called “Coming Together: Stand Up Against Racism” for children and families at 10 a.m. on Saturday to discuss racism. The town hall meeting will have features from Big Bird and CNN’s van Jones and Erica Hill as mediators. Elmo Abby  Cadabby and […]

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May 30, 2020

Dear White People, As you protest with us side-by-side and you chant black lives matter please understand that’s the easy part. The hard part – the REAL work is when you go back to your everyday lives. When you see your counterparts are mistreating a black person will YOU speak up? Will you do what […]

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February 3, 2020

This past Sunday while most were enjoying togetherness with friends and family on Super Bowl Sunday, another celebration was going on in the entertainment world. It was the BAFTA Awards ceremony. Joaquin Phoenix had been awarded Best Actor for his role in Joker. Then, an obviously chilling moment pierced through the audience who seemed to […]

This story out of Connecticut is insane! A white student at Hartford University was arrested for contaminating and even poisoning her roommate Chennel “Jazzy” Rowe who is black to “get rid” of her.  

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October 9, 2017

Dove soap is in hot water after posting a racially insensitive Facebook ad.

This mother refused medical treatment for her son because none of the doctors were white. 

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