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Dear White People, Will You Change?

Written by on May 30, 2020

Dear White People,


As you protest with us side-by-side and you chant black lives matter please understand that’s the easy part. The hard part – the REAL work is when you go back to your everyday lives. When you see your counterparts are mistreating a black person will YOU speak up?

Will you do what is needed to create real change or will you just sit silently and watch as we continue to be mistreated, disrespected, beat down, and as we are murdered by people who look just like YOU?

When you go home tonight after you have marched in solidarity with us will you use your privilege to create real change?

The change comes when YOU speak up in the workplace, with your family, and among friends. When you see your family member mocking a black person then you need to speak up, if you don’t YOU are a part of the problem. When you are in a position of power are you going to stand there and do nothing or are you going to implement diversity and change in the workplace?

While you are marching with us chanting black lives matter make sure you say black lives matter in the board room, court rooms, doctors offices, family gatherings, and with your friends. Please make sure you are not marching with us just to say you did and you’re cool with black people. If that is the case then just know YOU are a part of the problem.

Use your privilege to change the system, use your privilege to speak up and stop the racism. If you make the choice not to again, YOU are the problem and YOU have a knee on our neck.

Stand Up, Speak Up


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