After Firefighter ​​Jerrod Jones came forward about the racist party he was forced to attend on duty, more details have come to surface. The hosts of the racist and misogynistic party, Dr. Nicholas Nicosia and his wife Mary Nicosia have allegedly made contributions to local democratic candidates for office, including Mayor Malik Evans. According to […]

An Oklahoma judge ruled that a lawsuit seeking reparations for the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre can proceed. Three survivors of the deadly racist rampage Lessie Benningfield Randle, 107, Viola Fletcher, 107, and Hughes Van Ellis, 101.and were in the courtroom for the decision. Tulsa County District Court Judge Caroline Wall ruled against a motion to […]

After Lizzo broke down on video over, crying over being the subject of fat-shaming and racist comments. Facebook deleted hateful comments directed at Lizzo.. Sources at Facebook told TMZ, the company’s already removed a number of comments left on Lizzo’s recent Facebook and Instagram posts, and FB will continue reviewing reports of hateful comments on […]

To commemorate the centennial of the Tulsa Race Massacre, President Biden toured the Greenwood Cultural Center. Plus, met with the remaining three survivors of the violence and racist mob of whites that attacked a thriving Black community. “For much too long the history of what took place here was told in silence, cloaked in darkness,” […]

Old WWE back catalog matches are now under review. NBCUniversal’s Peacock is removing racist scenes from classic WWE matches. It’s not clear just how much has been edited so far, the removals include blackface in 1990’s Wrestlemania VI event as well as racist language in 2005’s Survivor Series 19. Peacock is reportedly reviewing the full […]

Comedian/Radio Jock Rob Lederman is “toast” after making racist comments on Buffalo’s 97 Rock’s  morning show. According to a press release, parent company Cumulus Media “swiftly terminated him and suspended the remainder of the show’s talent on-air talent” for violating the company’s clearly defined programming principles Wednesday morning. He also lost his gig as the […]

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January 26, 2021

They say a lot of things kids learn is from inside their home. Well a Connecticut police chief is under pressure after the actions of his daughter. A Connecticut police chief by the name of Stephen Hunt is now facing a call for his resignation after his daughter posted some distasteful things on Snapchat a […]

Major League Baseball’s Cleveland Indians are getting rid of their team name. According to David Waldstein and Michael S. Schmidt of The New York Times. Cleveland’s official announcement regarding the change could come this week, sources told Waldstein and Schmidt. Cleveland has used the controversial name since 1915. The franchise already stopped using the “Chief Wahoo” logo […]

The USA is traditionally called a melting pot immigrants who come here generally abandon their cultures and “melt” or become assimilated into American society. When I think of the culture of Canada, I like to imagine a colorful quilt, where every ethnicity is individually celebrated as an important piece of the whole. So when a loyal listener from […]

News that’s happening around the world today. In South Africa, there are protests because of a racist advertisement for hair shampoo. The advertisement depicts white women’s hair as good hair and black women’s hair as bad hair. See the images below. The pharmacy the shampoo was advertised at is Clicks, the second biggest retailer in […]

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