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I remember growing up and being told that playing too much video games is bad for the brain. According to a new study done by Oxford University researchers are now saying video games can be a benefit to your mental health. Now the research was done after video game sells this year have boom more […]

Taraji P. Henson is heading to Facebook Watch, with a new talk show on mental wellness. Henson and co-hosted (longtime best friend), Tracie Jade Jenkins will be apart of the show entitled “Peace of Mind with Taraji”. The show is slated to go into production later in 2020. With celebrity interviews, experts and everyday people about […]

There will be a press conference Thursday morning with the attorneys for the seven officers suspended by Mayor Lovely Warren. The seven officers were suspended because they were involved in the death of Mr. Prude on March 23. In a statement released Wednesday, the attorneys said they would be “releasing and discussing materials relevant to […]

All eyes are on Rochester, NY after body cam footage went viral of an incident involving the Rochester Police Department that led to the death of Daniel Prude. As protestors took over the intersection of the incident, questions about the death of the 41-year old black man from Chicago started to circulate online. Here are […]

Macy Gray has decided to begin a non profit called My Good that is dedicated to helping families that have suffered at the hands of police brutality. In a statement to theGrio, Grey said: “My Good is a new charity, and what we do is we support the families of victims of police killings,” she […]

In a statement released by San Fransisco Mayor London Breed, the city will not be using the police force to respond to non-criminal calls. The city will be using what they call “non law enforcement agencies” which consist of unarmed professionals who will take over calls for things like homelessness, mental health issues and noise […]

As a result of the protests and demonstrations across the nation against the murder of George Floyd, the movement to defund the police is taking hold with lawmakers and state officials. For some time now, activists have advocating for spending to be prioritized on outdated social services instead of on an increasingly militarized police force. […]

When I found out the news that this quarantine, may last until the middle of May. Two things occurred to me. One, I really didn’t like the scale in my bathroom and two, the scale in my bathroom isn’t wrong. Time for a change. So last Sunday I started. Today will be the 7th straight […]

On Wednesday, April 15, Taraji P. Henson announced that the Boris Lawrence Henson Foundation will now offer five free therapy sessions to individuals in the black community. The foundation will provide the services strictly to members of the black community who have suffered in some way because of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, especially those who have […]

On April 1, a wide range of special services were made available by local agencies for Rochester veterans in need because of the impact of the SARS-CoV-2 outbreak. The Monroe County Veterans Service Agency and the Rochester Veterans Outreach Center Inc. are offering emergency funds, food pickup and supply delivery. Per, Nicholas Stefanovic, Monroe […]

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