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When I found out the news that this quarantine, may last until the middle of May. Two things occurred to me. One, I really didn’t like the scale in my bathroom and two, the scale in my bathroom isn’t wrong. Time for a change. So last Sunday I started. Today will be the 7th straight […]

On Wednesday, April 15, Taraji P. Henson announced that the Boris Lawrence Henson Foundation will now offer five free therapy sessions to individuals in the black community. The foundation will provide the services strictly to members of the black community who have suffered in some way because of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, especially those who have […]

On April 1, a wide range of special services were made available by local agencies for Rochester veterans in need because of the impact of the SARS-CoV-2 outbreak. The Monroe County Veterans Service Agency and the Rochester Veterans Outreach Center Inc. are offering emergency funds, food pickup and supply delivery. Per, Nicholas Stefanovic, Monroe […]

The Sandra Bland Act will be effective September 1st 2017.  

Kanye was reportedly scheduled to be released from the hospital, but has not yet been released. A source 'close' to Kanye claimed the creative has been experiencing extreme paranoia and depression. Many fans have mocked him, condemned him for his behavior, and have even accused him of insurance fraud. If this man is truly suffering [...]

We live in a world that wants to label and classify everything and being addicted or playing video games excessively is no exception. According to the World Health Organization you could have a mental health disorder if you play video games too much. 

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