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Motivation For May Starts Now But You Need A Team

Written by on April 25, 2020

When I found out the news that this quarantine, may last until the middle of May. Two things occurred to me. One, I really didn’t like the scale in my bathroom and two, the scale in my bathroom isn’t wrong.

Time for a change. So last Sunday I started. Today will be the 7th straight day of having some sort of salad and my 6th day of working out. And I have to admit, every health and fitness person is absolutely right. Healthy Food and exercise makes the difference, but mostly food.

Now how did I find the motivation? That’s a blog for another day. But I will say following the right people on social media will help. Do a search on social media for great fitness people both local and national, Pick your Top 5 2 For Healthy Food, 2 For Exercise, 1 for Mental Health. Form your, motivational team like you are assembling The Avengers.

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