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The New York state Legislature has passed a bill aimed at protecting children from addictive social media feeds by allowing parents to block algorithm-suggested posts. Governor Kathy Hochul is expected to sign the bill into law. The legislation, which addresses concerns about social media’s impact on children’s mental health, would prevent platforms from showing suggested […]

A new public health mission intended to improve access to crisis services will save lives, according to Monroe County Executive Adam Bello. The Monroe Mental Health app provides users with wellness information, including direct access to emergency crisis contacts, locations of nearby support services and suicide prevention information. The hope is that this new app […]

Grammy Award winner T-Pain has released a new single, “On This Hill,” in honor of Mental Health Awareness Month. The song focuses on mental wellness and self-empowerment, reflecting T-Pain’s personal journey of learning to stand up for himself. In an interview with Billboard, T-Pain described the song as a declaration against being gaslit and a […]

The Youth Voice One Vision(YVOV) launched a mental health survey calling on their peers to help improve the future of young people in Rochester. “Young people are hurting and healing is needed during these trying times,” said Sarah Adams, a Senior at East High School and YVOV Spokesperson. She explains Rochester can be rough and […]

Statewide efforts to prevent tragedies involving those suffering a mental health crisis are continuing nearly four years after the death of Daniel Prude on March 23, 2020, after he was taken into custody by Rochester police during a mental hygiene arrest. At a public meeting in Rochester City Council chambers Thursday, attendees pushed for reforms outlined […]

The New York State Senate has earmarked $2 million for a pilot program under Daniel’s Law in its latest budget resolution. Daniel’s Law was named in memory of Daniel Prude, who tragically died after an encounter with police during a mental health crisis in 2020. This legislation advocates for mental health professionals to be the […]

CDC data shows that Suicide rate for working age people has gone up 33% making it higher that it was 20 years ago. Data from 49 states were used to calculate suicide rates by sex for all major and detailed industry and occupational groups. Major industry groups with the highest suicide rates included Mining; Construction; […]

Has social media companies played a role in the declining mental health of students? The Greece Central School District thinks so, and they are joining a nationwide lawsuit to help fight it. The district said the school board voted to approve the measure, joining more than 200 districts already a part of the suit, which […]

URMC just broke ground on a new mental health urgent care for teens and young kids. The clinic will be available to help local teens and kids if they’re having a mental health crisis. The clinic is expected to health at least 3,000 young individuals a year.

One of the leading psychiatrists in Arkansas is in hot water after being investigated for a huge medicaid scam. The state and feds are investigating Dr. Brian Hyatt after being accused of holding patients against their will for weeks and also walking around Facility hallways with no patients. . Medicaid paid the Doctor over $800,000 […]

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