Macy Gray Started A Non Profit To Help Families Of Police Brutality Victims

Written by on August 21, 2020

Macy Gray has decided to begin a non profit called My Good that is dedicated to helping families that have suffered at the hands of police brutality.


In a statement to theGrio, Grey said:

“My Good is a new charity, and what we do is we support the families of victims of police killings,” she explained. “A lot people, you know, you hear about police shootings, but people forget about what the families go through after–the grief and, you know, mental health issues, huge financial burdens. So we’re there for particularly those families.”

She continued:

“We get a great response from people from all over the place, all walks of life, just wanting to be there and support. A lot of people in the mental health field have reached out to say they want to offer their services for the families, you know, particularly the mothers. It’s going really well. We’re doing a couple of partnerships with a group called Farmlink, who distribute food to all the food banks around the country.”

My Good is determined to help the suffering families with mental health services and financial relief.

More information can be found here.


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