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Lawmakers Begin to Discuss Defunding Police

Written by on June 5, 2020

As a result of the protests and demonstrations across the nation against the murder of George Floyd, the movement to defund the police is taking hold with lawmakers and state officials.
For some time now, activists have advocating for spending to be prioritized on outdated social services instead of on an increasingly militarized police force.
Unemployment is at a record high as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Healthcare and housing is affected too. Many state governments are losing tax revenue and will most likely have to cut costs somewhere. More and more state officials are now looking at making cuts to their police budgets.
New York Senator Julia Salazar said the COVID-19 pandemic is changing the minds of lawmakers who normally support NYPD budget: “Every senate office … has been fielding an unfathomable number of unemployment claims. We’ve been thinking every day about how social services and the public safety net are failing people. Having come out of a bleak state budget process, it’s very frustrating to hear that $6bn figure for the NYPD.”
Salazar suggested as much as $1 billion in police funding could be re routed from functions that have nothing to do with law enforcement, like responding to mental health calls and other social services.

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