Do you think sex workers should not be criminalized for consensual sex work in New York State? Advocates and some legislators in New York State are calling on lawmakers to to decriminalize sex work. They say it makes the business of sex work a dangerous environment. The bill is called the Stop The Violence In […]

There are a few lawmakers in New York State that want to lower the threshold for driving while intoxicated and are pushing for a new bill. In New York the current DWI threshold is a Blood Alcohol Content of 0.08 but some lawmakers want to bring that down to 0.05. The lawmakers in support of […]

Hot topic for New Yorkers as a renewed bill makes it way back to legislation for approval. The bill A04116, which originated back in 2021 would ban tackle football for children 12 and under. Following Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin life threatening incident during a live game the topic of player health and safety is […]

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January 31, 2023

The public hearings will begin on Tuesday for RG&E poor customer service practices with a 1pm and 6pm virtual hearing. The hearings will address the public complaints with RG&E on the delay in meter readings, issues with billing, and poor customer service. According to the New York State Department of Public Service there was a […]

A quick update with this whole RG&E situation the New York State Public Service Commision is expanding it’s investigation into the utility company. RG&E President and CEO Patricia Nilsen apologized on behalf of the utility provider for issues that include billing and meter read delays. She also stated the company is working to resolve and […]

It looks like we will be paying more not only for rent and food but also utilities. There will be an increase in gas and electricity in New York State. The announcement came from the New York State Public Service Commission Thursday that utilities are expected to cost a lot more this winter. The increase […]

Governor Kathy Hochul signed a new bill that changes the name of an individual serving time to give them more opportunities. The Governor said they are doing everything in New York State to show “justice and safety go hand-in-hand”. The bill will remove the term “inmate” from all sate laws and instead will use “incarcerated […]

Keep an eye on this new bill for social media addiction that passed the state Assembly in California. It passed earlier this week and says parents of kids under 18 would be able to sue platforms like Tik Tok for up to $25,000 for their kids addiction. The new bill says kids under 18 who […]

Changes are coming to retirement plans as lawmakers in the U.S. Senate decide on a bill and vote before the end of the summer. The new bill could change 401(k) and 403(b) retirement plans for both employers and workers. Congress is attempting to make changes to help with the retirement crisis the country could soon […]

Governor Kathy Hochul announced there is help available for low and middle-income families for heating this winter.  There is $90 million available in federal funding for home heating this year. Homes that use natural gas for heating could get $465 if you are eligible. If you use kerosene, oil, or propane you may be eligible […]

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