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Bill Passes Assembly In California Allowing Parents To Sue Social Media Companies

Written by on May 26, 2022

Keep an eye on this new bill for social media addiction that passed the state Assembly in California. It passed earlier this week and says parents of kids under 18 would be able to sue platforms like Tik Tok for up to $25,000 for their kids addiction.

The new bill says kids under 18 who want to stop or limit their time on social media but can’t due to their obsession could sue. The child must also suffer harm mentally, physically, emotionally, developmentally, or materially.

This would only apply to social media companies not streaming services like Netflix or any text messaging services.

The company has to have a gross revenue of $100 million. The proposal will now head to the senate. If it passes social media companies will have until Jan. 1st to remove features deemed addictive.

The reason I say keep an eye on this bill is if it passes it will change social media across the board for kids under 18. Other states are sure to follow suit if this passes in California.

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