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As we continue to work through times that are challenging on many different levels make sure you are checking in with your people. Also, when you do check-in make sure to be there for your person, be present, and be love. Hold them in a safe space and allow them to feel what they feel […]

October 13, 2021

After the discussion Tariq and I had this morning, I decided to start this blog called ‘Not Normal’ so thanks for the title Tariq! Now I don’t know yet how often I will post so for now look for the ‘Not Normal’ blog once a month. The reason for this blog is after our discussion […]

Are you being realistic with yourself? Are you being honest with yourself? I’m asking this because there are a lot of times that we judge others but we do not take any time to look within. Meaning we don’t try to figure out why we feel the way we do about the person we are […]

As April comes to a close and we head into May we are getting near the middle of the year. So it’s time to check in with you and see where you are at and what you might need to adjust. And it’s time for some Spring cleaning around the house. Have you reached any […]

As we usher in the new Spring season and begin the month of April let’s take a moment to check in with ourselves. Check in to see how we are doing internally and externally. Mentally are we okay? Emotionally are we okay? Physically are we okay? The reason I say this is because we are […]

So this morning we had a discussion on-air during the Wake Up Club with Tariq, myself (Reign), and DJ Sight that prompted a listener to call in to express her thoughts. She didn’t agree with how we talked about race and the terms we used like we and them or us and them and felt […]

We close out another week and get one step closer to spring which is literally one month away yay! Our days are a little longer as we gain more daylight and that is always a plus because it helps us with our Vitamin D. Living life in a healthy way doesn’t just include your body […]

Even though I don’t really celebrate Valentine’s Day per se (I call it Romantic Day) here is my playlist of love songs! Now, these are my favorite love songs some old, some new, and some in between. This is not a top list but just love songs that I enjoy and set the mood for […]

Happy Black History Month! So, how are you doing? February is here which means it’s a new month and it is time to take inventory. Did you accomplish your goals from last month and are you on track for this month? If so great! Keep up the good work and remember to take a moment […]

We are 26 days into 2021 so I’m checking in to see how are you so far? Last year was rough but this year we know what we are in and we have a little relief with a new administration President Biden and Vice President Harris. How ever you started off your year does not […]

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