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Today we dog lovers have a reason to celebrate our furry family members. Happy National Dog Day!! 2020 has been a year. We have pretty much felt and experienced every emotion known to the human race separately but together this year. So with everything going on taking a break today to appreciate our furry family […]

Never EVER trust a person who does not see the wrong in how they move. Especially, if they have hurt you and the relationship beyond repair. No matter who it is! You must understand they will continue to hurt you and sacrifice you and your inner peace for their gain. A perfect example is our […]

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August 10, 2020

People will talk about you, they will hate you, and oftentimes for no real reason or just because so and so doesn’t like you. Then you have people who will try their hardest to destroy you and your character because of your success. They may think or feel your success puts you in a position […]

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August 17, 2020

Black men you are love, you are loved, and you have beautiful love to give. Black Men… NO… Black Kings, believe in your greatness, in your beauty, your dreams, and KNOW that you are worthy. Black Kings you are worthy of love, of life, and of all things good. You posses the power to accept […]

Take a break today to do something fun or at least something that will genuinely make you happy! It doesn’t matter if you decide to take the whole day off or take out five minutes just take the moment to celebrate you. Celebrate your health, the fact that you made it to see another day, […]

If you have something to say to someone you love please don’t wait or hold back, tell them. Let them know what you feel and how you feel about them even if it is not easy to say. I implore you to muster up the courage and tell them because you may never ever get […]

Our flaws are a part of who we are, they make us human. Perfection in itself is flawed because no person on this planet is perfect. But we can practice perfection by loving. Love is perfection, love is kind, love is unconditional. Love is you, it is me, and it is God. Love is the […]

The power is in the hands of the decision-maker. Make the decision to be happy. Sometimes we give other people, circumstances, and situations the power to “steal our joy” or affect our happiness. The focus for the day is choosing happiness because we all want to be happy right? Happiness is a choice. Now I […]

Watch how people treat others around them and even strangers, learn from the actions they display. If they show they are not loyal to anyone including themselves, don’t expect them to be loyal to you. Secondly, if they do not respect boundaries or do not respect other people including themselves you can not expect them […]

Kicking off your week with some positive vibrations! Make sure you surround yourself with good people. People who lift you up and do not make you feel like you are not enough. People who make it easy for you to communicate with them and who create a positive environment for you to thrive. Meaning they […]

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