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The City of Rochester R-Center’s has shifted their their operating hours to offer innovative programs for this week during Spring Recess. Depending on where you live in the City of Rochester and what R-Center is closest there are a plethora of programs and activities to do to keep young people busy. City R-Centers, which are […]

It’s easy to give up on yourself and quit. Especially out of frustration from feeling unaccomplished or you feel like you’re not moving fast enough. Sometimes you might even feel as if you just flat out failed. Did you know its actually okay to feel all of those things from time to time? Yes, it […]

RG&E is starting its installations of the smart meters in the Rochester area Monday. The utility company plans to begin installing the smart meters in the town of Greece and the Southeast area past the city. After those locations they will circle around the map of the Rochester area. The company says the upgrades to […]

Grief is natural human response when you experience the death of a loved one especially a life partner, a child, or a parent. Grief is difficult to process and there is actual science around grief that allows your brain to learn and rewire your neural map. What that means is the way your brain works […]

Did you know there is a campaign nationwide with PSA’s for dads to be a dad? The PSA’s were created by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Administration for Children and Families, the National Responsible Fatherhood Clearinghouse, and the Ad Council. The PSA’s were created to encourage fathers to show their #Dadication. The […]

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March 30, 2023

I think we all or at least most of us can agree we are living in a very challenging time. I’m not talking about just financial it is spiritual, mental, emotional, and even physical. Even our belief systems have been challenged. The reason I bring this up is that we really have to pay attention […]

If you get a call from someone who sounds like a friend or family member in trouble and asking for your information hang up and call them back. Then report the incident to local authorities. Now, you may be thinking why would I do that? Well there is a new scam and we know scammers […]

When it comes to allergies Rochester, New York made the list for the worst places to live for allergies. If you have a tough time with allergies during certain seasons or year round it’s not necessarily you it’s partly where you live. The City of Rochester came in eighth on the list for worst city […]

The top 10 happiest cities to live in America are mostly in California even with the weather they have had lately. I have a few friends out in California and they say they are still happy and would not live anywhere else! As far as how and cities in New York State rank… Well New […]

We would like to know your thoughts about the upcoming election for the Rochester Teachers Association officers that includes the RTA Presidents Adam Urbanski position. The group of RTA members called ROC Teachers in Action are challenging the leaders holding the current positions. Adam Urbanski has held the seat of RTA President for 42 years […]

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