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The Truth Is Tune It All Out Then Focus On You First

Written by on April 3, 2023

It’s easy to give up on yourself and quit. Especially out of frustration from feeling unaccomplished or you feel like you’re not moving fast enough. Sometimes you might even feel as if you just flat out failed.

Did you know its actually okay to feel all of those things from time to time? Yes, it is absolutely okay because you are human! The secret is… keep going!!

You’re going to make mistakes, you’re going to make bad decisions and you’re going to not get it right. All of this is a normal part of life and is how you learn and grow.

Remember you are exactly where you’re supposed to be.

If you feel overwhelmed then take a moment and unplug from social media, the people, habits, or things that drain your energy. For example, people who have a negative mindset, or complain all of the time, and the people that make you feel anything but uplifted and/or inspired.

Stop. Do an assessment then strategize or reorganize and continue on your journey.

Give yourself the LOVE, healing energy, patience, forgiveness and time that you put into helping others. Invest in yourself.

You are NOT not being selfish!

We live in a world where everything seems (a big emphasis on seems) to change and moves super fast. It can feel like we have to be “successful” and accomplished instantly like as soon as we are born. 

That is not reality!

The truth is it takes time to learn, grow, discover and to understand ourselves as individuals. We need to live and experience life which is by far the BEST teacher. 

By all means discover what makes you truly happy, what you’re passionate about and then create your own blueprint. 

You are not a carbon copy or a robot you are unique and its on you to express that. You are one of One.

We have many amazing examples to study from like Oprah, Tyler Perry, Malcolm X, Dr. Martin Luther King, Simone Biles, Maya Angelou, Ursula Burns, Katherine Johnson and many many others!

You can do it! You are beautiful and brilliant.



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