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How Your Brain Works To Create A New Reality After Death Of A Loved One

Written by on March 31, 2023

Grief is natural human response when you experience the death of a loved one especially a life partner, a child, or a parent. Grief is difficult to process and there is actual science around grief that allows your brain to learn and rewire your neural map.


What that means is the way your brain works is it makes connections and forms attachments to keep track of our relationships that are important to us. It does this over three dimensions that are space, time, and the depth of the connection.

When death occurs our brain has to work to make sense of that person not being around. So what it does is rehires or redraws reality for us. This is a big process and that is why we go through the stages of grief like denial, anger, depression, etc.

This process is different for everyone and it takes time to work through. You may even feel disoriented at times and that is normal. However, if you feel like you need help please talk to someone and get the help you need to work through your grief.

Here is the article that goes into depth about the way your brain and neural map redraws its map after the death of a loved one. Click PsychologyToday.com

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