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WDKX Wake Up Club Gets Punk’d By Listener

Written by on February 17, 2016

Bambii The Prankster

Bambii The Prankster

The moment when the WDKX Wake Up Club gets punked.

Yesterday morning the Wake Up Club received a text on the frontline from a listener who wanted DJ Dwight aka DJ Sight to help them out durning the snow storm.

Here are the text from the Frontline that started everything!
Bambii The Prankster: I need help getting out can Dj Dwight help me get out please 8:20 AM
Me: Getting out of where? 8:33 AM
Me: Are you talking about Sight? 8:35 AM
Bambii The Prankster: I’m at mt hope and may st 8:35 AM
Bambii The Prankster: Yes 8:35 AM
Bambii The Prankster: I’m out already thank u 8:36 AM
Me: So you wanted Dj Sight to drive all the way to Mt Hope from East Main st downtown to help you? 8:37 AM
Bambii The Prankster: Yup 8:37 AM
Me: Wow. You know that is not being considerate when.. We love helping folks but we are not captain save everyone. 8:40 AM
Bambii The Prankster: I was stuck waiting on the bus and I was going to work 8:57 AM

Tariq, Sight and I all though it was a joke but when they responded that’s when we went in and the prank began.

Fast forward to later that morning while I was jamming on the job I get a phone call from Bambii who said it was her that texted in and it was all a prank with her co-workers who took a bet and she won $100!

It get’s better I told Bambii since she won on the account of Sight she should give him $20. She actually came up to give Sight the money!!

Check out the text from the frontline along with the clip from yesterday’s show and the phone call after.

We appreciate you Chante aka Bambii “The Prankster” you got us good LOL



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