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How Trevor Jackson Uses His Personal Life Experience To Create Music

Written by on April 28, 2024

In a recent interview with BET, actor-singer Trevor Jackson discussed his latest musical release and his experiences in the entertainment industry. Jackson, known for his role as Aaron Jackson in “Grown-ish,” has recently released a single titled “He Don’t Know,” which explores his personal experiences as the “side” guy in relationships. The song mixes Afrobeats with R&B and Hip Hop, and it’s inspired by real-life encounters where Jackson found himself aware of details unknown to others involved.

Jackson also shared insights into his broader music career, noting that his EP “Heads Up” follows similar themes based on personal experiences. He emphasized the importance of honesty in his music, portraying the human experience and relationship struggles, particularly from a male perspective.

Beyond music, Jackson expressed his aspirations in acting, including a desire to work with Denzel Washington and other notable figures in the industry. He reflected on his role in “Grown-ish,” highlighting the character’s resilience, which he sees as parallel to his own life challenges and career persistence. Jackson’s approach to both his music and acting careers is deeply personal, using his life’s experiences as a foundation for his artistic expression.

Source: BET

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