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The house Emmet Till left in 1955 to visit family in Mississippi which was his mother’s home will be preserved. Emmet Till was abducted and brutally murdered for whistling at a white woman. The house is located on Chicago’s Southside in the West Woodlawn neighborhood. It was announced on Tuesday that the home of Emmet […]

Start remembering your to-go mug again! By the end of next week, we could see our local Starbucks going sustainable. Starbucks plans to have customers in the U.S. and Canada use a personal, reusable cup for their drinks, and the change will apply to drinks ordered in the café, at the drive-thru, and mobile orders. […]

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February 15, 2022

Over the weekend, the Ambassador Bridge, the busiest U.S.-Canada border crossing, reopened after protests against COVID-19 restrictions closed it for almost a week. Detroit International Bridge Co commented on the reopening, stating; “the Ambassador Bridge is now fully open allowing the free flow of commerce between the Canada and US economies once again.” The Ambassador […]

Yesterday, the White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan advised America to leave Ukrain now as Russia’s military invasion could begin at any time. Sullivan stated: “We are not saying that a decision has been taken…I do want to be clear: It could begin during the Olympics despite a lot of speculation that it would […]

Tamyra Mensah-Stock, an United States wrestler, has made history yesterday in winning her gold medal in the women’s 68-kilogram freestyle final. Mensah-Stock is only the second woman, and the first Black woman, to win an Olympic wrestling gold for the United States. Tamyra beat our Nigerian athlete Blessing Oborududu, who also made history winning a […]

Yesterday, the U.S. declared that 500,000 lives have been lost due to COVID-19. President Joe Biden and his administration honored their lives with a moment of silence. Before the ceremony was held, he gave a speech, saying: “Today we mark a truly heartbreaking milestone: 500,071 dead. That’s more Americans who have died in one year […]

Remember the scientist in Florida Rebekah Jones that accused the U.S. Department of Health of changing COVID-19 numbers. She said the reason they were changing the data was to keep Florida from going into a lockdown. Jones was then fired from her position with the Department of Health back in May because of the accusations. […]

The Supreme Court has weighed in on some of Governor Andrew Cuomo’s “orange zone” restrictions. The Courts decided that religious freedom was more important than pandemic precautions on Wednesday night, resulting in a temporary block on the rules that limited houses of worship’s occupancy to 10 – 15 people at a time. The court’s unsigned […]

Even though citizens in Puerto Rico can not vote in the 2020 Presidential Election they still have a voice. If you are wondering why the President and former Vice President Joe Biden are battling over the U.S. Territory it’s because they can influence people in the states to vote. The reason this is so interesting […]

Do you remember Edward Snowden? He was the one who leaked documents of the NSA surveillance programs in 2013. The documents showed the surveillance by the NSA operated outside of the U.S. Constitution. Well, he is currently living in Russia and he has not yet been pardoned by the United States. The reason Mr. Snowden […]

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