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Slavery Is Still A Thing As 5 States Will Vote During Midterms

Written by on October 20, 2022

150 years later we are still systemically dealing with slavery. Coming up on the midterm elections there will be five states voting on slavery in the United States.

It’s interesting how some people will say that slavery and racism never happened or does not exist event though it is written in the U.S. Constitution. It is written.

People in political positions that vehemently deny racism… Again, it was and still is in some states written into law.

For example, the lynching of black people in the South.

Fact: Between 1901 and 1929 there 1,200 black people lynched in the South. The majority of them happening in Georgia and Mississippi. It is written – look it up.

I can’t stress this enough. Research and learn history. You can not go off of what you are told by people who want the power to control you.

I deviated from the original reason for this blog which is to inform you that five states will be voting on closing the loopholes for slavery as a form of criminal punishment.

You can read more in depth by clicking here.

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