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Florida Scientist Home Raided By Law Enforcement For Hacking

Written by on December 9, 2020

Remember the scientist in Florida Rebekah Jones that accused the U.S. Department of Health of changing COVID-19 numbers. She said the reason they were changing the data was to keep Florida from going into a lockdown. Jones was then fired from her position with the Department of Health back in May because of the accusations.

On Monday Jones posted videos of her home being raided by armed police officers. During the raid, they took her phone and laptop saying that they were responding to a hack of the state’s emergency health alert system.

Authorities said the hack was carried out at Jones’s residence and they had a search warrant for her address. Jones denied she was the hacker and said she is not “tech-savvy” enough to be a hacker.

This reminds me of that Eric Snowden movie. My thought on it is this is one heck of a coincidence or she was telling the truth back in May and I do not believe in coincidences.

Rebekah Jones posted a video of the raid on her Twitter page. Think I might follow her to see how this in the real-life movie plays out!

Source: BBC

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