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The State Liquor Authority isn’t playing about COVID-19 regulation violations for Bars and Restaurants. The SLA has handed out citations to several establishments in the Rochester and Monroe County area. The Bars or Restaurants face citations because they violated COVID-19 guidelines set by Governor Andrew Cuomo. The violations could lead to penalties that include fines […]

Governor Andrew Cuomo gave his COVID-19 briefing in New York City on Wednesday. I have to say I almost thought he was the President for a moment while he was addressing the rise in cases across the country. So how is the Governor of New York explaining what’s happening across the country with the coronavirus […]

So far there hasn’t been a concrete decision made on whether schools will be open in the fall. Rising COVID-19 rates across the U.S. are making the decision to switch back to in person learning very difficult, according to Governor Andrew Cuomo. While New York has significantly lower coronavirus numbers than the rest of the […]

Welp! It looks like all the fireworks activity across the New York State has caught the attention of Governor Andrew Cuomo.  Cuomo addressed the issue on Monday and has instructed the New York State Police to start a firework enforcement detail. He also said he has never seen anything like this before. The State Police […]

Governor Andrew Cuomo blasted other governors in states where postive coronavirus numbers are steady rising. Cuomo said “Governors played politics with the virus and lost.” If you remember New York state had the highest positive cases at the beginning of the pandemic and now you see States like Florida with 9000 new cases daily. States […]

On Monday, officials from the Governor’s office reported that the State of New York is continuing to make great strides against COVID-19. Statistics show that just 10 New Yorkers have passed away from the coronavirus on Sunday, marking the lowest number statewide since March 21st. Of the 56,780 tests for COVID-19, only 552 came back […]

After everything we have seen and heard from President trump the last past couple of weeks, it’s safe to say a lot of us have the same sentiments as Gov. Andrew Cuomo. The Governor was recently on CNN Newsroom with Jim Sciutto who asked Cuomo why does he think the President is outspoken on mail-in […]

Yesterday, In his daily news conference from Albany, Governor Andrew Cuomo mentioned that he is taking into account a quarantine procedure for visitors from other states. In the state of New York, The COVID-19 hospitalization and death rate numbers have been at an all time low, while data shows it spiking in other states like Florida and Arizona. Experts […]

Officials in Albany are saying that visitors will soon be allowed again to visit loved ones in hospitals and group homes after almost 3 months of restrictions. New York has continued to see lower hospitalizations and deaths from the coronavirus and on Monday, there were only 25 deaths reported statewide due to COVID-19. While still […]

Yesterday, Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that he was going to end his daily briefings from Albany on Friday. During his briefing, he said: “I’m going to finish these daily briefings on Friday and will only do them as necessary. We are turning the page on the immediacy of this crisis.” The daily briefings from the […]

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