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SUNY Cortland has announced that it will be taking all of its classes online after 101 students tested positive for coronavirus cases over the last 2 weeks. SUNY Chancellor Jim Malatras seems to think that this is an off campus issue. He released a statement that said: “Now that SUNY Cortland must pause and shift […]

If you receive SNAP benefits you may be able to use them to shop online for good very soon. Legislation passed the bill in late July and now only needs Governor Andrew Cuomo to sign it into law. The bill “authorizes the use of supplemental nutrition assistance program benefits to purchase online groceries in accordance […]

Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren released a statement regarding the arrest of the man who committed a hate crime. Police arrested 24-year-old Rashad Turner on Monday in connection with the investigation of the hate crime. The assault of a transgender man took place on July 31, on Denver Street. The victim said he was targeted because […]

Governor Andrew Cuomo expected to make a decision any day now on the reopening and requirements for schools in New York state. If you go to the podcast section on you can hear the town hall meeting with Rochester mayor lovely Warren and Rochester city school district superintendent Leslie Meyers-Smalls talkin about the reopening for the […]

The President signed an executive order to extend an extra $300 payment for those who have been affected by COVID-19. If you lost employment due to COVID-19 in New York State you could be receiving the extra $300. The Federal Emergency Management Agency approved New York for the Lost Wages Supplemental Payment on Sunday. So, […]

How would you feel about being automatically registered to vote when you go get your license at DMV? There is a real possibility that it will happen in the next couple of years. The New York State Legislature passed automatic voter registration in New York State. Under the legislation, you would be automatically registered to […]

New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo has updated the phase 4 policy that requires bars to only serve alcohol to patrons that are sitting down and ordering food. Since the order, some bars have found a loophole where they would serve guests ‘Cuomo chips’ for $1. The policy, enforced by the State Liquor Authority, originally […]

During a conference call to the media to address updates on the state of the coronavirus pandemic in New York, Governor Andrew Cuomo mentioned that there would be a new regulation concerning dining out. Bars are now only allowed to serve patrons alcohol if they ordered food at the same time and there would be […]

Governor Andrew Cuomo said Tuesday that no New Yorker would be thrown out in the streets because of the pandemic. Cuomo announced the rental assistance program that will help low-income families. The program will give families and individuals affected by coronavirus direct aid. The rental assistance is a part of the CARES Act and is […]

Police accountability has been at the top of the list of demands from protestors and demonstrators all over the country. In New York, Governor Andrew Cuomo signed a bill designed to repeal section 50a of the state Civil Rights Law, which keeps police disciplinary records from the public. The bill added a ban on chokeholds […]

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