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Cuomo Not Sure If Schools Will Open In The Fall

Written by on June 30, 2020

So far there hasn’t been a concrete decision made on whether schools will be open in the fall.


Rising COVID-19 rates across the U.S. are making the decision to switch back to in person learning very difficult, according to Governor Andrew Cuomo.

While New York has significantly lower coronavirus numbers than the rest of the nation, other states have had to scale back their reopening procedures due to an increase in infection rates this month.

States like Connecticut and New Jersey have provided an outline for school reopening procedures, but New York has pulled back from saying they were trying to open, and now plans on making sure it can be done safely before making any promises.

During an interview with Meet The Press, the Governor commented:

“Children have missed schools. Children have missed the interaction with other children as part of the socialization process. We’re preparing to open schools. We have plans to open schools. You look back two months, and you see how many things have changed,” Cuomo continued. “I want to see what the infection rate is and what the disease is doing before we pull the trigger and make the decision.”

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