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According to the BBC News website China has put a time limit and how long children can play video games. Children under the age 18 will only be allowed to play games for one hour everyday between 8:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Gaming companies are being instructed to help out by putting restriction on children […]

Now there’s an old saying that says ‘keep it in the family.’ Well according to reports an adopted man married his mother’s biological daughter. Now the man and the woman, from China, had no idea of their connection. The secret was revealed on the day of the wedding when the groom’s mother noticed a distinct […]

Some stuff happening around the world that may be of interest to you is BBC World News and Clubhouse banned. Not in America but in China both a day apart. This is pretty interesting considering the article BBC wrote on Clubhouse App a day before the ban of the International news company. I will briefly […]

While the rest of the world is still fighting for their lives when it comes to the Coronavirus pandemic Wuhan China where it all started seems to have returned back to normal life. People living in the city with the population of 11 million have been seen  jogging and hanging out in the park. Most […]

John Boyega directed and starred in an ad based on his personal experience for the British fragrance brand Jo Malone. After he shot and submitted the ad, Jo Malone reshot the entire thing, replaced the actor with Liu Haoran and excluded all the Black people that who originally starred so that it was more appealing […]

It may be me and I may be missing something but these photos and video of a huge water park party in Wuhan, China is a bit strange. Like I said it may be me but how in the world are they coronavirus free? According to multiple news sources, the photos and videos are real. […]

In China they’re trying to stop people from wasting food and I find it offensive and funny at the same time. A restaurant in China asked customers to stand on a scale and scan their data into an app that recommends food for them based on their weight. Well there’s a reason for everything right? […]

After reading this news story I’m definitely taking a break from the world this weekend. The United States Custom and Border Protection officers seized a 13-ton shipment of beauty products made by Chinese prisoners. The shipment included hair weave made out of human hair at the Port of New York/Newark. The total amount of the […]

People all over America have been receiving unsolicited packages from china that contain unidentified seeds. In Utah, several incidents involving residents involve small packages arriving randomly saying they contain jewelry. When they opened them up, there was no jewelry inside, only strange seeds. Similar reports have been filed in Virginia. The Virginia Department of Agriculture […]

President Trump signed an executive order Thursday that will make it easier for big tech companies to be held liable for what users post. The reason for the executive order is because Twitter fact checked two tweets from the President earlier this week. Under the order Mr. Trump wants to push legislation that would reinterpret […]

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