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13-Ton Shipment Of Human Hair Bundles Seized From China Suspected Human Rights Abuse

Written by on July 3, 2020

After reading this news story I’m definitely taking a break from the world this weekend. The United States Custom and Border Protection officers seized a 13-ton shipment of beauty products made by Chinese prisoners. The shipment included hair weave made out of human hair at the Port of New York/Newark. The total amount of the seizure was about $800,000.


I’ll admit I did not know there was a human rights issue with hair weave.

Apparently hair products shipped from Xinjiang, China like the human hair in the shipment came from forced labor and human rights abuse. The group of people the US State Department estimates imprisoned over one million in Xinjiang are Uyghurs. They are Muslin with a distinct culture and language.

The Uyghurs are forced to internment camps where there have been reports of torture, sex abuse, forced child labor, and even death.

Brenda Smith, Executive Assistant Commissioner of the CBP Office of Trade released a statement. She said, “It is absolutely essential that American importers ensure that the integrity of their supply chain meets the humane and ethical standards expected by the American government and by American consumers.”

This is the second time in a year Customs and Border Protection seized weave bundles made of human hair.

So, if you are selling bundles do you make sure you’re not getting them from forced labor?

Wow, I never would have thought…. Seriously, education and research are everything.

To read in-depth click CNN.com

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