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August 23, 2023

Relatives and friends are desperately seeking information after a Webster local vanished in California almost a week ago. Authorities in San Jose reported that Yohanes Kidane, age 22, went missing on August 15 at approximately 2:45 pm. During their search, investigators discovered that Kidane utilized a ridesharing platform to travel from San Jose to San […]

The top 10 happiest cities to live in America are mostly in California even with the weather they have had lately. I have a few friends out in California and they say they are still happy and would not live anywhere else! As far as how and cities in New York State rank… Well New […]

A new proposed bill in California is looking to ban five chemicals frequently found in candies and snack foods claiming that they could be dangerous for consumers. AB 418, which is sponsored by Democratic California Assemblymembers Jesse Gabriel and Buffy Wicks, targets Red Dye No. 3, titanium dioxide, potassium bromate, brominated vegetable oil and propylparaben. The […]

San Francisco could be the first city in the United States to make a move that could allow the city to pay reparations in a big way. In a $5 million per person way. The San Francisco African American Reparations Advisory Committee released a report this week. In that report they listed more than 100 […]

What city do you think is the happiest city in the United States? Out of the 180 largest cities in the United States Fremont, California took the top spot. The top 20 cities that are the happiest in the country are found mostly in California. Only one city in New York State made it on […]

People are leaving New York and California and heading South. This is according to a new report from analysts led by Rafe Jadrosich at Bank of America Global Research. Texas saw the largest net population gain for the one-year period ended July 1, 2022, with more than 450,000 people moving to the state,. The firm cited data […]

New York is among 17 states looking to follow vehicle emission standards tied to rules established in California. The state’s new rules that require all new cars, pickups and SUVs to be electric or hydrogen-powered by 2035. Washington, Massachusetts, , Oregon and Vermont are also expected to adopt the ban on new gasoline-fueled vehicles. Under […]

If you loved your job at what age would you retire? Would you wait to retire until you are 100 years old if you had your dream job? Well that is what Ranger Betty did she recently retired at 100 years of age from her position as a National Park Ranger in Richmond, California. She […]

Joey David George, 37, of Lynnwood, Washington, was arrested late last week after calling a Tops store in Buffalo and threatening racially motivated violence. According to the criminal complaint, George allegedly called the Tops on Elmwood Avenue in Buffalo on July 19 and 20 and threatened to shoot Black people in the store. George was […]

Rapper Nicki Minaj husband Kenneth Petty has been sentenced to a year of house arrest after failing to register as a sex offender. Kenneth Petty legal problems began back in 1995 after being convicted of attempted rape. Petty got in hot water back in 2019 when he and his wife Nicki Minaj moved to California. […]

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