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Food Ban On Red Dye & Other Controversial Chemicals In California

Written by on March 28, 2023

A new proposed bill in California is looking to ban five chemicals frequently found in candies and snack foods claiming that they could be dangerous for consumers. AB 418, which is sponsored by Democratic California Assemblymembers Jesse Gabriel and Buffy Wicks, targets Red Dye No. 3, titanium dioxide, potassium bromate, brominated vegetable oil and propylparaben. The bill would prohibit the manufacture, sale or distribution of any food product in California containing those ingredients.  In the U.S., the ingredients can be found in a variety of common processed foods, including breakfast cereals, candy, soda, cottage cheese and trail mix. If the bill passes, California would be the first and only state to ban foods with the specific additives.

Source: CBS News

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