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Rochester Teachers Association President Challenged What Are Your Thoughts?

Written by on March 28, 2023

We would like to know your thoughts about the upcoming election for the Rochester Teachers Association officers that includes the RTA Presidents Adam Urbanski position.

The group of RTA members called ROC Teachers in Action are challenging the leaders holding the current positions. Adam Urbanski has held the seat of RTA President for 42 years and still feels he has work to do. He also says his record speaks for itself.

His opponent is Audrey Sowell and she believes it is in fact time for a change. She said enough is not being done for teachers and change needs to happen. She also said innovation is needed and support for teachers. There are over 200 substitute teachers that are uncertified in front of students in the RCSD.

Elections take place April 21st – May 8th 2023.

If you have kids or not in the RCSD do you feel it is time for a change within the Rochester Teachers Association and President Urbanski?

What would you like to see changed for teachers in the RCSD?

Do you feel teachers are safe should they be paid more or have more training?

Do you feel the current leadership are supportive of teachers in the district?

What are some other solutions?

We would like to hear your thoughts via text or voice message at 678-1039.

Source: News10NBC

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