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The Top 10 Happiest Cities To Live In America

Written by on March 29, 2023

The top 10 happiest cities to live in America are mostly in California even with the weather they have had lately. I have a few friends out in California and they say they are still happy and would not live anywhere else!

As far as how and cities in New York State rank… Well New York didn’t make the top 10th we did make the top 50 places. There is only one happiest place to live in 2023 in New York and that is Yonkers!

So the happiest city to live in America is Fremont, California. The WalletHub study ranked in things like emotional well being, inflation, cultural resources, purpose, and job satisfaction.

Here is the list of top 10 happiest places to live in America:

1. Fremont, California

2. San Jose, California

3. Madison, Wisconsin

4. Overland Park, Kansas

5. San Francisco, California

6. Irvine, California

7. Columbia, Maryland

8. Sioux Falls, South Dakota

9. South Burlington, Vermont

10. Burlington, Vermont


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