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Megan Thee Stallion’s Hot Girl Workout Routine

Written by on April 11, 2024

How does Megan Thee Stallion handle her depression anxiety, and insecurities? Two Words workout routine. In addition to starring on Women’s Health‘s April 2024 cover, the 29-year-old shared her consistent workout routine that keeps her built like “a stallion and not a pony.” Meg actually shares monthly clips of herself in the gym sweating, nearly giving up at times, but always getting it in.

“Getting out of bed to work out in the morning is a struggle,” she told the pub. “I have to get mentally prepared. I’m like, ‘I can stay here for another hour, or I can get up and go work out and be a bad bi**h. If I want to be a stallion and not a pony, I got to get up and put in the work.’” However, the journey to being healthy and physically fit didn’t immediately become a “thing” for her. Meg learned how to shift her energy into the gym, instead of doomscrolling online and obsessing over things that couldn’t be changed at the moment. “Working on myself made me get into working out because I needed to focus my energy somewhere else,” she expressed. “I used working out to escape and to get happy.”

Megan has a set routine that includes a healthy diet and being in the gym “four or five days a week.” On those days, she includes pilates class, running up sand hills at the beach, and hitting the elliptical or StairMaster for 40 minutes. And of course, she keeps her thighs tight and glutes plumped by hitting hip thrusts, goblet squats, leg extensions, and “stallion kicks.”

Source: Vibe

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