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“You Are Not Alone”, Checking in with local artist and SAG-AFTRA actor Che Holloway

Written by on March 8, 2022

In this particular piece, I wanted to try something different and shift from the usual Q and A articles. This isn’t just about “checking in” rather it’s geared towards inspiring and motivating up and coming individuals in their respective pursuits.

“To be inspired is great but, to inspire is an honor” — Stacey T. Hunt

Anxiety and an obsession with thinking ahead has constantly been both a great motivator for me, as well as a source of debilitating fear. Like many people in this human experience, I had set big goals for my life at an early age and vowed to see them through until the end.

When I first began my idea of the pursuit of happiness, this mindset helped to fuel me and made me extremely tenacious, something I’m extremely grateful for.

I surged forward and never took no for an answer and when I fell I just got right back up and tried again, even if it meant taking a different approach. It gave me a tough skin when it came to rejection and though the initial rejection hurt, I was fortunate enough to gain a healthier outlook on the situation.

I’d tell myself, “It’s ok, you just weren’t what they were looking for, it’s nothing personal”, I’d also take a more spiritual approach and tell myself that the universe had something different in store for me. Something uniquely designed for me and I always moved forward with grace, greater understanding and a sense of greater optimism.

The accomplishments were both loud and gratifying, but what I’m still learning to do is to be more present in the quieter moments.

The moments where you feel stagnation that drive feelings of doubt and a negative perception of yourself and your value. It looms over you like a dark cloud. This would even pour over to the relationships I would make and sometimes even break.

You begin to fixate on gaining those experiences and accomplishments back, whether the reasoning being to try everything differently, to give more, or to give less.

Doing this however, tends to pull you out of the present and has you stuck on the past, which doesn’t exist anymore and in turn causes you to feel a sense of emptiness, regret and resentment in the future. I was told long ago that the past is gone, the future isn’t here yet and the greatest gift you can receive is the present.

With everything going on in the world it is imperative to stay on top of your mental health. Being told to isolate forces you to see your strengths and insecurities. To face yourself in the mirror and to accept who you are, flaws and all. The good, the bad, the yin and yang energy is what makes you YOU.

Society can place a lot of expectations on you, but when it comes to matters of mental health and your idea of who you are, it’s so important to fill your mind with the things that foster motivation, inspiration, growth and positive self maintenance. You are worthy, you’re worthy of being here and you are worthy of all the things that resonate with you and makes your soul feel good. Even chasing you wildest of dreams.

Never allow yourself to be swayed by anyone else’s self limiting beliefs but to be courageous enough to believe in yourself and take action in what your purpose may be. As far as we know, we have just this one human experience, why live it in regret and fear? We are worthy.

It can all be very difficult at times, but when you are brave enough to stand in your power, you encourage and inspire the next generation to do the same.

Currently I’m working hard at being present and feeling worthy. I too deal with negative thought processes and trying to relive the past while also being unsure of my future. Only thing we can do is be present and take it one step at a time, day by day. Want to know why? Because it all adds up. You are worthy, we are worthy.

When you scale one mountain there is often another mountain to scale and in order to have endurance for the climb, you have to have a positive and encouraging mindset. Remember, step by step, day by day and your bound to reach the top. Love and light.

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