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When Is Posting Your New Boo On Social Media Too Soon After A Divorce?

Written by on January 4, 2023

After a divorce or a break up with a long time partner how long should you wait before going public with your new boo?

Now add kids into that picture. If you have children that are of an age where they have social media when do you go public with your new relationship?

The story involving GMA hosts T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach dating while still married but separated from their spouses is interesting in that aspect. T.J. Holmes’ wife said according to TMZ that his recent PDA with Amy Robach is “disrespectful” and “lacks discretion” to their 9 year old daughter.

I do think she raises a good point and this is why I asked the above question. What are your thoughts? Is there a time frame between a divorce or break up with a long time partner before you post your new boo thang on social media?

We will talk about this Thursday at 10am on the WDKX Wake Up Club Watercooler.

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