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Kevin McCarthy Lost… Again… Again.. And For The Fifth Time For Speaker Of The House

Written by on January 4, 2023

There is a point where you admit you lost and move on… Seriously! Especially when it directly impacts an entire country, government, and people in a negative way.


Kevin McCarthy is definitely attempting to pull a Trump-ish move by occupying the position of Speaker of The House. He lost the fifth, yes FIFTH round of voting to become speaker.

That means the Republican Party does not want you to hold that position. Why is that so hard to understand?

Get out of the way so Congress can do the work they need to do for the American people and the country.

As more of the Republican Party dissents from backing McCarthy the undeniable reality is Kevin McCarthy they don’t want you for the job.

Who they want is not clear BUT who they do NOT want is loud and clear.

We can not keep forgetting this is not about one person vying for a powerful position because they feel like they should hold it. This is about the greater good, the people of this country that elected you and working for them. This not about your “entitlement” and thirst for power.

Bro they don’t want you, walk away so more important business in Congress can resume.

To read more on Kevin McCarthy and his foolery and ignorance click BBC.com.

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