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What Cashless Tolling Means To Me

Written by on November 13, 2020

Cashless Thruway tolling will begin Friday night, according to Gov. Cuomo. That means when you hit the road to Syracuse or Buffa this weekend, you won’t have to stop and pay a cash toll. It also means you need to activate your EZ Pass NOW.

If you don’t have EZ Pass, you can still use the Thruway, but your toll will be higher when the bill comes in the mail.

The cashless tolling systems uses system of traffic cameras that capture your license plate number every time you hit the road. So make sure your plate is visible and easy to read. If your plate is peeling off, you can take it to the DMV and have it replaced for free.


During the pandemic lockdown and travel restrictions, Cashless Tolling will also make it easier for the government to track your movements.

This is important to note, especially if you plan on sneaking in and out of town for the Holidays without quarantining upon return.


The thing that bothers me the most about this move to cashless tolling is that my friends who work at the booths are losing their jobs.

When I commuted from Buffalo to Rochester, I got to know a couple of the people at the LeRoy toll booths. They literally made my day with light-hearted conversations and encouragement as I headed into work or set off on a long ride home.

So as you head through the tolls on last time this Thursday and Friday, be sure to thank a toll collector for their 66 years of service and friendship.




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