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For the first time in 14 years New York State Thruway tolls will increase in January 2024. EZ pass customers will see a 10% increase within 3 years ago 5% in 2024 and then another 5% by 2027. Drivers that are not EZ pass holders will pay up to 75% more. New York State Thruway […]

New York State wants its money for unpaid tolls. The Thruway Authority Department says there’s $64 million dollars in unpaid tolls from 2018-2021. The Thruway Authority Department says If you owe your vehicle registration could be suspended by DMV after the 4th notice Make sure you remember to pay your tolls or invest into an EZ Pass. […]

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November 13, 2020

Cashless Thruway tolling will begin Friday night, according to Gov. Cuomo. That means when you hit the road to Syracuse or Buffa this weekend, you won’t have to stop and pay a cash toll. It also means you need to activate your EZ Pass NOW. If you don’t have EZ Pass, you can still use […]

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