Unfollow Negative People In Real Life Too

Written by on September 23, 2020

There are times where you will have to unfollow people on social media but you will also have to do the same in real life.

No matter if it is someone who has a negative mindset, always complaining, that does not believe in you, or someone who wants to see you fail. Unfriend, unfollow, and do the exact same action in the real life.

Yes, I said it right the real life because we are currently in the matrix and unaware that we are. But that is another blog for another time.

So back to the topic – dream destroyers and blocking them in the real life. I think at times we forget because I know I have that we can unfollow people on social media that do not have our best interest but we keep them around as friends in reality. You have to completely remove them from everything and everywhere.

It may seem harsh but to live in true peace you have to disconnect for the people who disturb it on social media and in the real life. Delete them from all social media, your phone and block them if you have to and then don’t allow them in your space. If you are afraid to be alone that is understandable however you can take the time to begin new connections with a new high vibe tribe or invest in someone you may have been neglecting.

Look at the people around you and take inventory maybe your BFF has been in your life and you failed to see them because you’ve been caught up in the drama of your other friends that you just let go. Or better yet maybe take the time to completely focus on you and invest your energy into you!

Stay beautiful. Love Reign.

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