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Unanimous Vote For New Buffalo Bills Stadium

Written by on January 24, 2023

Looks like the Buffalo Bills are another step closer to getting that new stadium. Erie County Stadium Corporation approved the $1.4 billion stadium deal.

The decision was via a unanimous vote. The approved plan will include $600 million in state funding, $550 million from the Buffalo Bills, and $250 million from Erie County.

The Erie County Legislature approved the study of the stadiums environmental impact even though the sustainability commitment is not included. In other new stadium deals the commitment is included in the deal so some are concerned about the impact.

The plan also includes and agreement for community benefits. The Bills have to put $3 million a year into community programs. The agreement calls for 30% to be set aside for Minority and Women Business Enterprises, 30% of concessions for MWBEs in Erie County, and a commitment to address food insecurity.

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