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The Reign Drop: Mindset And Motivation

Written by on March 12, 2020

I try to learn as much as possible in life.


I’m not perfect and yes, I have made a lot of mistakes through life. I’m not afraid to admit that I will continue to make mistakes and that’s how I will continue to learn. Not only learn but, have a better understanding of how to move forward making the best decision possible.

We all go through moments in life where you feel like giving up. What I’ve learned and what keeps me going is faith, a few amazing people God worked through to bring me guidance and strength, and understanding that tough moments will pass.

Most of all it’s about NOT quitting!

If you quit you fail. ALWAYS TRY no matter what. Even if the possible seems impossible still try and then try again, or just do it!

I may not succeed the first time or second but damn it I will NOT stop, I won’t give up until I reach my goals. Insert affirmation – I make the impossible possible!

Your experiences make your personal journey beautiful. Your experiences make you uniquely YOU.

Understand, you may not be what people want you to be, you may not say the things people want to hear, you may not have the same beliefs as others, that’s okay because individuality makes life incredible.

Always remember what you put into you is what you will put out into the world!

Be YOU, love yourself, trust God, help others, and be the change you wish to see!!

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