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Schools in Florida will be required to open for in-person classes, starting in August. Teachers and staff are baffled as to why this is happening and don’t agree with the decision. As COVID-19 cases grow to over 200,000 the Florida Department of Education announced Monday that all schools will be required to open at least […]

Schools are expected to have their reopening plans submitted to Albany by the end of this week. The state has outlined its own recommendations for students who are medically vulnerable or live with adults with underlying health conditions and says that they should continue learning remotely. This list describes what it means by underlying health […]

On July 1, SUNY Brockport released a statement on Twitter, announcing that it would be reopening for the 2020 Fall semester. What the school calls “face-to-face” instruction will resume, as well as residential life on campus. The school website has an online resource guide that provides full details on safety measures, recreation events, information for […]

Three kids in Oklahoma are in deep water after the police say they broke into a school and destroyed the building leaving it with $50,000 in damages. Earlier this week police said children ages 6, 8 and 12 broke the window to a glass door to get inside the school and started their “terror of […]

Governor Andrew Cuomo has confirmed that special education programs will have in-school classes this summer. He recently signed an executive order easing restrictions on these types of courses. Schools that are participating in this type of program will still be required to follow state and federal guidelines. There is still no word on whether or […]

I know a few people that work with kids some are teachers and some teaching assistants. They all have a story about a young person that’s out of control and very disrespectful. A teacher assistant from central New York, by the name of Lisa Hutchinson, had a student she didn’t like for whatever reason and […]

Now we have heard some crazy stories of teacher and student interactions in the past but I think this story here tops them all. A substitute teacher in Maryland is being accused of giving a classroom full of 4th grade students lap dances, Yes! you read it right lap dances – like a stripper. Baltimore county […]

A Texas high school senior may not be able to graduate with his class in a few months due to the length of of his hair. DeAndre Arnold, a student in the Barbers Hill school district, was a topic of discussion during the district’s board meeting held on Dr Martin Luther King Jr Day. The […]

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January 11, 2020

Today the Jam Squad was able to attend the RCSD Expo and Fair at Wilson Foundation on 200 Genesee St.! Filled with happy faces and schools from across the district, parents were able to register their kids into Rochester City School District schools. From Pre-K to 12th grade, all you had to do was walk […]

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September 20, 2019

Written by Jazzy T The 2019- 2020 school year started two weeks ago in New York State. That means your 14 days are up and if your student has not received ALL state mandated immunization shots he/she can and will be kicked out of school. One high school student made the news in Buffalo when […]

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