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Buffalo Police are investigating after a person driving a pickup truck drove through a crowd of protestors. The incident happened Wednesday evening around 8:45 pm in Niagara Square. The diver drove through the crowd and then sped off. Buffalo police say one person was taken to the hospital for injuries that are not life threating. […]

The Federal Bureau Of Investigations is seeking information or videos that show “agitators” inciting violence during the protests. The FBI out of Buffalo says they want to maintain a safe environment for protestors in Rochester. So they are asking for the communities help with any media or information regarding the agitators. According to 13WHAM News, […]

Rochester Police are looking for help in identifying a person who attacked a Dunkin Donuts employee. The attack happened at the Dunkin Donuts on Monroe Avenue. Police released a video of the incident to help find the person attacking the victim. The incident happened on September 2nd at 12:45 p.m. Police reported the employee suffered […]

Spencerport Central School District has placed one of its administrators on leave. They have also placed him under investigation for standing with protestors demanding justice for the death of Daniel Prude. Steve Lysenko is a 9th-grade teacher and the Assistant Principal at Spencerport schools. Mr. Lysenko expressed his frustration with the Rochester Police Department on […]

#FreeRayshawn is a brand new show starring Lawrence Fishburn, Stephan James and Jasmine Cephas Jones. The show will premiere on the relatively new streaming app Quibi, a mobile-centric streaming platform that focuses on shorter programming options that launched back in April. #FreeRayshawn is a story about a man trying to prove that he’s innocent so […]

On Sunday, a demonstration led by an activist group called Save Rochester – Black Lives Matter organized a shutdown of a section of I-490 to protest against police brutality and inequalities for communities of color. The rally began at Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Park and proceeded to march down East Broadway Street and then […]

Rochester Police are looking for a suspect from a robbery that took place back in January. The crime happened at West Ridge Connections when a man attempted to rob the store and shot the co-owner. The co-owner suffered a gunshot to the shoulder by the suspect who then turned to shoot a woman that was […]

In a statement released by San Fransisco Mayor London Breed, the city will not be using the police force to respond to non-criminal calls. The city will be using what they call “non law enforcement agencies” which consist of unarmed professionals who will take over calls for things like homelessness, mental health issues and noise […]

The Rochester Police Department is asking for help in identifying a person who was at someone’s home with a gun. The man was seen on video via a Ring camera on the front porch of a home in Rochester. He had a gun and was wearing a mask and gloves. In the video it appears […]

Back in May, Christian Cooper uploaded a video that showed him asking a woman to put a leash on her dog. She proceeded to call the police, saying that a Black man was threatening her life. Amy Cooper, the woman in the video, has been charged with a misdemeanor for making false accusations when she […]

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