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Spencerport Administrator Placed On Leave And Facing Investigation For Speaking On RPD Use Of Force

Written by on September 9, 2020

Spencerport Central School District has placed one of its administrators on leave. They have also placed him under investigation for standing with protestors demanding justice for the death of Daniel Prude.

Steve Lysenko is a 9th-grade teacher and the Assistant Principal at Spencerport schools. Mr. Lysenko expressed his frustration with the Rochester Police Department on video. During the protest, Friday night in downtown Rochester the RPD used pepper spray and tear gas on protestors.

Mr. Lysenko stood for justice and called out the police department for using excessive force on protestors. Because he used curse words to express his thoughts parents are outraged?

I will say this. The fact that Mr. Lysenko is standing for what he believes in is setting an example – stand and fight for what you know is right and for justice when wrong has been done. But I get it, you don’t want that in your neck of the woods. You want people to be silent and not speak out against the very racism you are enabling by placing Mr. Lysenko on leave.

This is a part of the “systemic” problem. It’s not about Mr. Lysenko using bad language in a video, the problem is he made other white people or “parents” uncomfortable about an ugly truth. That truth is black men and women dying by the hands of police. Black men and women mistreated by police right here in Monroe County.

Just remember to have this same energy when another teacher or administrator in the SCSD posts a video cursing, partying or saying something offensive on their social media.

To Mr. Lysenko thank you for your courage and for being an ally and standing in solidarity with us. Your efforts to create change are appreciated.

Here is the video Mr. Lysenko posted


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