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  Alex Spiro, the attorney for Jay-Z filled a lawsuit on Tuesday after complaints from 29 inmates. The 29 prisoners say two officials Pelicia Hall the DOC Commissioner and Marshall Turner the Mississippi State Penitentiary Superintendent have not done anything to stop the recent violence that has claimed the lives of five inmates within the […]

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September 17, 2019

Written by DJ Sight A New Jersey couple who happens to be Caucasian got the surprise of a lifetime. Some years back they went to a sperm bank and the wife ended up giving birth to a girl. A few years after the baby was born she developed features as if she was Asian. The […]

Written by Jasmine We all remember former WHEC Chief Meteorologist, Jeremy Kappell, who was fired from his position after an apparent on-air slip-up that resulted in the use of a racial slur on live TV. During a January 4th evening news broadcast, Kappell said the phrase “Dr. Luther C**n King Jr. Park” while referring to […]

Written by Jazzy T As if getting away with murder wasn’t enough, George Zimmerman is now suing the family of the boy he killed for $100 million. He is also suing the prosecutors and others involved in the case that he claims rested on false evidence. Details of the case here. The neighborhood watch volunteer […]

Did any know that there was a Bobbi Kristina biopic that aired last month on TV One?  

Sometimes the only way to create real change or reform is through a big fat lawsuit. Especially, when it comes to big business, politics, and pharmaceutical companies. 

In a court case that is expected to last about three weeks legendary music producer Quincy Jones claims Michael Jackson’s estate owes him $30 million.  

At this point Mary J. Blige should just write a book because she is going through it!  

Well this could be a game changer. Revolt TV is facing a lawsuit by a production team that said they were discriminated against because they were white and old. Did they not realize they are working for the legendary “take that, take that” rap mogul P. Diddy?? Uhhh.. he is known for his unorthodox way […]

There should be a disclaimer for folks who dress up as our current President Donald Trump like “Trump at your own risk.” Phillip Wilburn, a known Trump impersonator out in L.A. learned that the hard way. 

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