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T.I. came out swinging against his accusers in his new self-directed video “What it’s come to”, which dropped on Tuesday. The song is a clever way for Tip & Tiny to clap back at their former friend Sabrina Peterson, who alleges the couple assaulted her and other women. The video mocks her request for a […]

If you follow the Democrat & Chronicle, you may have noticed different stories posted daily of women coming forward about abuse and their experience with Wayne Aarum, the pastor and director of the Christian camp ‘Living Waters Circle C Ranch’ in Western New York. Wayne has now filed a civil lawsuit this past week against […]

Okay, so we are going to have to sort through this mess Monday morning with Dr. Cheryl McKeiver. The trading app Robinhood has created a whole lot of drama for Wall Street it’s users, some members of Congress, and now to add a lawsuit. From what I understand you have people who are using the […]

So the PGA decides to not hold its 2022 championship at Trump’s New Jersey Golf course Bedminster. Then Bill Belichick of the New England Patriots says he will not accept the Presidential Medal of Freedom from Trump. Why? Because of the tragic and violent events of last week. The insurrection at Capitol Hill was one […]

This news story here is right up the alley of attorney Al Parisi. A Florida based company called “King Of Fans” are recalling more than 190,000 ceiling fans because the blades from the fans could detach. There’s been reports of over 40 blades detaching from the fans that the company manufacturers,  Those fans have been […]

Do you remember Edward Snowden? He was the one who leaked documents of the NSA surveillance programs in 2013. The documents showed the surveillance by the NSA operated outside of the U.S. Constitution. Well, he is currently living in Russia and he has not yet been pardoned by the United States. The reason Mr. Snowden […]

McDonald’s is facing a lawsuit for discrimination. 52 Black former franchisees sued the fast-food giant because they said they were denied equal opportunity to economic success. The lawsuit alleges McDonald’s pushed Black owners to purchase restaurants in areas with lower sales and increased cost to run them. Due to this Black owners faced more hurdles […]

Finally, iPhone owners can submit a claim for the 2017 $500 million Apple lawsuit. Apple admitted they purposely slowed older model phones when they released their new models. They did this to get users to buy a new phone or a replacement battery. You will be able to claim up to $25 if you owned […]

Despite all the craziness with her label, 1501 Certified Entertainment, Megan Thee Stallion will release new music. The title of the album is SUGA and has nine songs. It drops Friday 03/06. It looks like it’s going to be a hot girl winter/spring!! A quick rundown of Hot Girl Meg’s situation. She went live letting […]

What would you do if you found out someone had a robot made to look just like you? I’m not asking to just ask, this is actually a real thing! A Russian company is facing a lawsuit from the Terminator himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger for using his face and voice. The robot is called Android Robo-C. […]

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